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We provide a wide range of procedures in the clinic, whether they are gynecological or non-gynecological based. Our procedures are typically ultrasound guided (if applicable). List of the procedures we provide (but not limited to) below are:

  • Derm-based procedures: Skin Biopsies, Cryotherapy, Incision & Drainage, Toenail Removal (Full/partial), etc.

  • Contraceptive-based procedures: Nexplanon Implant insertion & removals, IUD Intrauterine Device GENTLE insertion and Removals. 

  • Gyn-based procedures: Colposcopies, Cervical Biopsies, Endocervical Curettage (ECC), Vaginal Biopsies, Vulvar Biopsies, Endometrial Biopsy (EMB), Bartholin Gland Cyst drainage, Anoscopy, etc.

  • Musculoskeletal/Ortho-Based procedures: Ultrasound guided Knee, shoulder and small joint injections/arthrocentesis.

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